Darol Tuttle, Attorney at Law
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Applications Being Taken

Learn more and schedule a time to talk with Darol for FREE by Zoom, our internet meeting room.  


1. Be Ready to make a decision to build family wealth by December 31, 2019.  (Please do not apply if any life event or situation prevents you from beginning work by February, 2020).

2. Be excited to: 


install an asset protection system (not just an estate plan) for you and your family for generations


provide descriptions and instructions about the assets of your wealth, 

educate all of your family/team members through an online academy and 

build a decision-making system that will work as well for your family as it does the world's top businesses or wealthiest families

4.  Apply:

The two most lovely words in the English language: simple and free.  Simply fill out a simple form for free and, if selected, schedule a free meeting with Darol. 


5.  Allocate some time and money. How much time will it take?   How much will it cost?