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Asset Protection Webinar



The answer matters


1.  Why is Asset Protection a New Body of Law? 

Solving the problem requires tools. 


Do not over emphasize the tools.  They are just tools.  If you were building a barn, you would need a saw, a hammer, a level and lots of nails.  But, seriously, how much attention would you really pay to the hammer?  If you didn't hve a hammer, you would go buy one but after that?  Your attention is on the blue prints - the plan.  You want to make sure the lines are straight. They call it "square."  Or, maybe, your ids are helping and so you pay very careful attention to safety.  The hammer? You just pick it up, grab a nail (to which you spend zero intellectual currency) and, hammer in hand, you swing.  Battah battah battah SWING. This next module cover the tools. The hammer, the nail and the saw.  Just accept that you need these essential tools and move on.  Waiting until you fully understand the hammer, its history, its design, all the possible hammers on the market will only delay the construction of the barn.  In most cases, you won't even start the barn.  

What are the right tools?

Using the Tools


The right tools do not build a barn by themselves.  Asset protection is just a phrase to describe succinctly a process that helps you avoid crisis.  A trust will not protect you any more than a hammer will build a barn.