Darol Tuttle, Attorney at Law
3911 North 25th, Ste. G2    Tacoma, WA 98406


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What it takes to hire Darol at Tacoma Office

Lawyers and clients are able to negotiate an agreement that meets their needs.  Darol doesn't take every client but he does try to help if he can.  To hire a lawyer, we ask you to first determine if you are willing and able (two different things) to provide to your attorney three things: 


1) attend four possibly, five meetings, in the Tacoma office; 

2) fill out two online forms: a) basic information seeking questionnaire and b) a form if you identify any errors with the documents.  Occasionally, we may ask you to use our scheduling form if we need to re-schedule a meeting. 

3) pay the appropriate amount to hire us! 

It's that simple.