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Legal documents are not enough to protect the most important thing to everyone - FAMILY!

Only a family wealth system can do that. 

Before I Continue  (Head Start for the Ready)

Some who received this email have been patiently waiting for me to accept new clients, to "open shop" again so to speak.  To them, I say - I am open! Skip jail, proceed to Go and collect the proverbial $200. (If you don't get the reference to Monopoly, you are too young to app[y. )

Why estate, financial and retirement planning fails

Estate planning does not help you build a flourishing family because it is only concerned with wealth.  Families flourish when they view the family itself as an asset, as actual wealth.  Family is wealth. 

Flourishing families follow the SPEC framework.  Let me explain the rest by video. 

The correct legal documents
Creation of your family's financial mission statement
 A web portal to store it all
Education platform so the family can understand what the heck you are talking about.  
Continuity plan so your system empowers your family forever! (Well, at least longer than one generation!)

I am taking clients who need help but also who understand and value the importance of family wealth as compared to just having a money.  Those in crisis come first.  Always.  But!  Applying is free, there is NO obligation to do anything other than chat with me FOR FREE in a 15 minute call after you complete a very brief online form.   Voila!  

Do you agree with the following three simple but important statements:

1.  The Law has requirements.

2.  Those who do NOT meet the Law's requirements have a higher chance of losing wealth than those who do.

3.  I want to protect family wealth and am ready to meet the legal requirements to do so.  


By the way, the answer to all of those questions is "yes".  The Law has requirements.  Those who follow the rules, have more wealth than those who do not.  And, of course, you want to protect your family wealth. 

The Exclusive System for Family Wealth 

You do not need me to have essential legal documents.  While not every lawyer can sell the correct documents, many can.  But, documents are not what you need. What you need is a system to organize your wealth, bring into this system your family and a money leadership model that lasts generations.  THAT is what I built.  THAT is why this is so important.


Is this offer really "exclusive"?

It is exclusive because it is limited to a small number

This offer is open to only two groups of people.  The reason the offer is only open to two groups is because these two groups are ready.  They have invested time, effort and even money to learn.  They have learned and have been convinced of the importance of planning.  They have also learned about the essential documents required by the law. They only thing these two groups are missing is a step by step approach within a proven system to execute the plan with a professional advisor.  


It is exclusive because the application deadline is December 30, 2019

The absolute best time to do this work is year end.  Now!  This is the time I have put aside and it is the time that wealth is reveiwed. Family wealth is built during Christmas.