Darol Tuttle, Attorney at Law
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Coaching?  Move Forward?

This is a one hour consult.  I know you all know what a consult is but let's be clear.  A consult is old school, I realize.  Attorneys often bill by the hour.  (I hate that! But, still.  I prepare for these meetings and they can be intense.  Respect that, please.)

I always bill $350.00 per hour.  This rate is based on the difficulty of the law in this practice area and my experiuence.  Tracking so far? 

This offer is a reduction from $350.00 to $200.00. That is a 43% discount.  You are under no obligation to hire me for legal work. But, it goes both ways. I do not take every case.  It is a great way to have some direct Q and A with me and get answers.


To either gain knowledge or move forward (with my help).