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the Brief

A brief is supposed to be a summary of a legal issue submitted either to a court to argue a position or a client to offer advice.  In my experience, these types of briefs are anything but brief. 


I first got the idea for "the Brief" from Laura Roeder. She is an amazing, young entrepreneur who used to send an email to her base every Friday. She called it "the Dash." On topics related to marketing, the Dash was just one idea written to one person in one email.  Simple. I loved it. 


My challenge is picking just one thing.  Law is vast. Immense.  Intimidating sometimes.  I might choose a legal topic or something else.  You know, if it is too intimidating.  But, like the Dash, the Brief will be written from me, to you and about just one thing related to retirement, estate or long-term care planning. 


Ok!  I admit it.  Every once and a while, I may also send an occasional update out of the usual Friday schedule to announce an event or some breaking news.  I will do this only if it is important. 


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